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On October 1, Beijing time, the first game of the NBA Finals kicked off. The Lakers beat the Heat 116-98. In the third quarter, the difference between the two sides even opened to 30+, which made the game lose suspense early. The Lakers can achieve such a big victory, in addition to the outstanding performance of Brother Minmei and James, Lakers coach Vogel's excellent on-the-spot adjustment is also the key. Judging from the situation in the first battle, Vogel did his homework in order to "avenge" Spoelstra.


Vogel and Spoelstra are both excellent head coaches in the league. When Vogel coached the Pacers, he also caused a lot of trouble to Spoelstra and the Heat Big Three. And so far in his career (data as of the first game of the finals), the two sides have played a total of 51 times (regular season + playoffs), of which Spoelstra won 26 times and Vogel won 25 times. It is well matched. But in the 3 playoffs duels, Spoelstra eliminated Vogel for a simple reason, because these 3 matches, Spoelstra has not only James but also Wade in his hands. And Bosh, so even if his coaching ability was not as strong as now, Vogel is still not his opponent.


But this time, the person with James became Vogel, and it was Spoelstra's turn to have the headache. However, as mentioned above, Spoelstra is no longer what it used to be. He eliminated Budenholzer and Stevens successively, and in terms of the tactical arrangement of the coaching level, he can say Won a complete victory. In this game, he also gave Vogel a disarm at the start. The Heat took only 6 minutes and 22 seconds to lead the Lakers 23-10 by 10 points, and Vogel called out a timeout twice.


At this time Vogel made a very bold substitution that even caused many people to question. He replaced James with Kuzma and replaced Howard with Rondo. On the stage of the finals, 13 points behind dare to replace James, let him rest instead of staying on the court to chase points, such a coach, I am afraid it is the first time James fans have met. After all, whether it was Mike Brown, Spoelstra or Lou's guidance, they all wished to let James play for 48 minutes. Vogel took the initiative to let him off the court when he was behind, which is too abnormal.

此时,Vogel做出了非常大胆的替代,甚至引起了许多人的质疑。他用库兹马(Kuzma)代替了詹姆斯(James),用朗多(Rondo)代替了霍华德(Howard)。在总决赛的舞台上,敢于代替詹姆斯落后13分,让他休息而不是留在球场上追逐得分,这样的教练,恐怕是詹姆斯球迷第一次见面。毕竟,无论是Mike Brown,Spoelstra还是Lou的指导,他们都希望让James上场48分钟。 Vogel主动让他落后时让他离开球场,这太反常了。

But the facts have proved that it was this bold substitution that blew the Lakers' counterattack. After James is off the field, the Lakers can concentrate all the ball in the hands of the thick eyebrows. At the same time, after Howard leaves the field, the thick eyebrows changed to the 5 position, which paralyzed the Heat team Dragic and Adebayor's pick-and-roll cooperation. , The two men were strangled to death, which directly caused the Heat to completely misfire the offense. James himself also got plenty of rest and adjustment time. After he appeared again at the end of the first quarter, he also broke through continuously and assisted the thick eyebrow brother to eat cakes. As a result, the Lakers played a wave of 21-5 attacks. Lead the Heat by 3 points.

但是事实证明,正是这种大胆的替换使湖人队的反击更加激烈。詹姆斯离开球场后,湖人可以将所有球集中在浓密的眉毛上。同时,在霍华德离开球场后,浓密的眉毛变成了第5位,这使热火队德拉季奇和阿德巴约的挡拆合作陷入瘫痪。 ,这两人被勒死致死,这直接导致热火完全打消了进攻。詹姆斯本人也有充足的休息和调整时间。在第一季度末再次出现后,他也不断闯进来,并帮助那粗眉毛的哥哥吃了蛋糕。结果,湖人队打出了21-5次进攻潮。领先bet356英国在线体育投注热火3分。

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And when Spoelstra started to double-team James and Big Eyebrow in the second quarter, the two immediately turned on the pass mode, assisting the outside shooters to blossom. In addition, in the second half of the game, the Heat also used zone defense tactics. As a result, Brother Nongmei immediately left the low post to the free throw line and easily broke the opponent's zone defense. Obviously, only with careful arrangements before the game, the Lakers can quickly make changes when facing the Heat's defensive changes during the game, and this is enough to show that Vogel has studied Spoelstra's tactics very well. thorough. On the contrary, it was Spoelstra, but there was no good way to deal with Vogel's strain. In the fourth quarter, he had a sad expression and was caught by the camera.


The personal abilities of James and Big Eyebrows are better than those of the Heat players (including Butler). Now Vogel has also suppressed Spoelstra in the tactical arrangement. The Lakers can easily reverse the big win. In reason. According to statistics, when the Lakers were 13 points behind, they had a net victory of 18 points, the second-most record in the NBA Finals in the past 50 years, second only to the Lakers in 1985. After winning this game, Vogel has already tied his match against Spoelstra. After losing to Spoelstra three times in the playoffs, it seems that this time, Vogel Geer was finally going to be a winner.


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