Skippy Blair, born March 15, 1924, has been a significant figure in the world of ballroom dance and, particularly, West Coast Swing since the early 1950's. She is generally credited with naming and popularizing "West Coast Swing" and was a key player in the group that successfully lobbied the State Legislature in 1988 to have West Coast Swing designated as the official State Dance of California.

She is the founder of the Golden State Dance Teachers Association and a Co-Founder of the World Swing Dance Council.

In 1994 she was inducted into the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame and, at 88, continues to be extremely active in the dance world and has coached some of the leading swing dancers in the country, including US Open champions Jordan Frisbee and Tatianna Mollman. Ms. Blair created the Universal Unit System, a complete system of dance notation that allows dancers to "read" a dance much like musicians read music.

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